Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What Is Stress Management? by Rene Graeber

To fully understand the answer to the question "what is stress management" one should primarily take a closer look of what it deals with -stress. Stress is an every day part of life, and life can't really be without stres. Stress is how the body responds to what one feels when they are confronted with situations it reacts as though you're in danger. Hormones speed up, breathing is faster, and can give a person a "burst" of energy. This stres response is called "fight-or-flight".
Not every stress that a person feels is bad some of it is normal and sometimes even useful. It helps an individual react quickly or work hard that can do positive things when trying to achieve a goal or finish a task on time. However, when stress lasts longer and happens often, it can result to bad consequences back pain, headaches, trouble sleeping, or upset stomach. These negative effects can weaken one's immune system that makes it difficult for the body to "fight-off" disease.

When stress becomes overwhelming, this is where stres management comes in. The proper management of stres will lessen, alleviate, and even eliminate stres. So, what is stress managment? Stress management takes in techniques designed to equip an individual with efficient coping methods for handling stress. These methods may vary for different individuals as they have to choose which one best works for them.

What is stress management for workers? Stress management for workers deals on how employees can reduce stress in their working environment as well as techniques on effective personal stres mangement to help eliminate their "stress triggers". Most organizations these days have centered on the importance of giving their employees stress management trainings or seminars as these help the organization have better and productive employees.

What is stress management for students? Stress management for students tackles on how students can overcome the stress they encounter in their demanding "academic world". Students are among the most stressed individuals and stress mangement techniques help them cope better with situations that may result to both physical and emotional problems.

There are several other stress management areas including those that deal with individuals who go through critical incidents. The need for stress management today, is an acknowledged truth in the medical society; recent studies have shown that stress is among the major roots of every illness, therefore the increasing need for stress management.


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