Thursday, April 19, 2007

5 Easy Ways to Reduce your Stress Today

Author: Destin Lucas

According to the British Medical Association, stress can have an
adverse effect on health due to the "stress response"

The "stress response" creates in an increase in stress hormones
such as adrenaline and cortisol released by the body to help us
cope with stressful situations. These hormones temporarily
increase our physical strength and alertness for "fight or
flight" reactions. Unfortunately these hormones are
inappropriate for modern lifestyles, because most of our
frustrations and threats are no longer physical in nature. Over
time the responses triggered by stress hormones can lead to many
dangerous health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and
stroke. That's why it's important for every one of us to find
more effective ways to reduce stress. In this article we explore
5 highly effective stress reduction techniques.

Stress Reduction Technique 1: Take regular breaks from
your work. Many of us are in the habit of working for hours on
end without a moment's rest. This is counterproductive, as your
efficiency is reduced over time as a result of mental fatigue.
Further, the levels of oxygen in your muscles and brain are
lowered from lack of physical activity. So at least once every 2
hours, take just 5 minutes to read a funny e-mail or spend 10
minutes outside getting some fresh air. And during your lunch
break take a short walk outdoors. Taking regular breaks will
leave you feeling recharged and energized - ready to get back to
work with renewed vigor and strength.
Stress Reduction Technique 2: Studies indicate that
alternate nostril breathing can balance your brain hemispheres
whilst increasing feelings of relaxation. First, cover your left
nostril with your left hand. Breathing in through your nose and
out through your mouth, take 10 slow deep breaths. Breathe in
for 4 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and then breathe out for 4
seconds. Then cover your right nostril with your right hand and
repeat. Finally, breathe in and out with both nostrils. As an
advanced technique, you can first breathe in through your left
nostril, then cover it and breathe out through your right
nostril. If you have a cold, it is best to refrain from doing
this exercise.
Stress Reduction Technique 3: Hot, spicy foods can make a
terrific stress reducer. This is because foods such as chili
peppers contain a substance called capsaicin that causes your
brain to release hormones known as endorphins. Endorphins are
natural opiates that your brain uses to signal pleasure, and
they make great stress relievers as well. However, use this tip
sparingly as too much hot food can lead to ulcers.

Stress Reduction Technique 4: An important aspect of
stress management is the protection of your health. During times
of pressure we often neglect the small important things that can
lead to greatly increased stress in the long term. Therefore,
make sure that every day you drink sufficient water, eat three
square meals, and get enough sleep. Further, pay attention to
your diet by eating foods with a low or medium Glycaemic Index
and that give sustained energy. Finally, take at least 5 minutes
a day to stretch your body, to ensure that it remains flexible
and supple. Doing these little things will greatly reduce the
impact of stress on your life.
Stress Reduction Technique 5: Because we live in the
21st century, you may be wondering if there are any modern
technologies that can be applied to stress relief. The answer is
yes. Biofeedback devices have become very popular stress
management tools. Basically, these devices train you to control
a biological process such as heart rhythm in order to become
habitually more relaxed. Another remarkable stress relief
technology now being used by thousands of people is Binaural
Beats. This technology uses specialised sound frequencies to
create states of instant, profoundly deep relaxation. The best
thing about Binaural Beats is that they are effortless to use,
taking only a few minutes to produce results.

In Conclusion
Stress is no joke. It can lead to many harmful health
conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke. That's
why it's important that you take immediate action to reduce your
stress levels. Start with something small and easy to sustain,
even just one of these stress management techniques. But
whatever you do, do something. Not only will you feel more calm
and tranquil, you will also be investing in a lifetime of
increased vitality and happiness.

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