Monday, June 24, 2013

A Closer Look At Mental Health by Gen Wright

People are biological, social and psychological beings. All three aspects of people's lives need to be well taken care of, but unfortunately, it is the psychological or mental aspect that people tend to take for granted. Unlike physical needs that are more apparent, the things that make a person mentally healthy are not usually on top of people's concerns. This is quite ironic considering that poor mental health could actually cause a person to feel lazy even about the things that provide for his or her physical needs. Needless to say, mental health is also highly related to one's social health so that belonging to a beneficial mental health community becomes important to any individual.
The psychological aspect of a person reflects one's overall health and well-being. If one is mentally ill or unhealthy, the physical and social dimensions of one's life are also inevitably affected. It is necessary to care for one's mental health in order to live happy and fulfilling lives. As people are all exposed to daily stresses, challenges and problems brought about by work, relationships and various ways of living, it is indeed a challenge for everyone to promote a mentally healthy lifestyle, not merely as individuals but also as communities.
Among the many things that affect mental health, accidents, stress and traumatic experiences are those which cause people to be mentally unhealthy. People who are psychologically ill may sometimes take prescribed medicine for their treatment. However, everyone, whether diagnosed with a psychological illness or not, should help promote mental health by having a well-balanced life and a strong support system which may be realized by belonging to a mental health community that consists of families, friends, relatives and even neighbors who, by working together in certain activities would feel a sense of belongingness, responsibility, fulfillment and empowerment.
Mental health social networks are nonetheless useful in terms of helping one recover from mental disorders or illnesses and as well as helping an individual maintain psychologically healthy lifestyle. These networks are normally made up of people who at some point in their lives have also experienced some problems on their mental health, as well as some professionals who offer counseling and advice. A person that belongs to such a network becomes more informed by the exchange of ideas and experiences among members. It also serves as a channel for a person to express himself or herself to people who may be going through the same situation he or she is experiencing.
With the help of the internet, mental health social networks are no longer limited to people who live geographically close. Online communities and networking sites now offer help and support in the form of blogs, group emails and chat conversations for people who are interested in understanding themselves and their mental health better.
Just as anyone could have mental problems, anyone could also recover from a variety of mental illnesses. It is clear though that psychological or mental wellness is not something a person could achieve on his own, but rather something that a person could best achieve with the help of others.


Dan said...

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