Monday, June 11, 2007

Stress Relief and Management

Author: Dr. Olu Abiodun

Stress is a major aspect of our lives. Stress affects different
people in different ways. Learning to control or eliminate
stress can promote overall good health. What is stress? Stress
is a collective term for a whole series of effects including
mental, physical and emotional effects that occur as a result of
certain excesses in our lives. Such excesses include excess
work, excess partying, excess food, excess noise and excess
pressure to meet certain obligations.

Stress causes the body to release stress hormone called
adrenaline (epinephrine). Adrenaline is not altogether bad, it
has essential function in the body, but like most things, excess
of it can cause problem leading to stress. Sustained stress can
result in increase in blood pressure and heart rate, skin
problems, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. For these, reasons stress
relief and management should be given serious attention.

Many people are stressed up but don't even know it. If you
recognize that you are suffering from stress and want to do
something about it, you are two important steps ahead of most
people on the road to recovery and better health. Removing the
cause of stress is the real solution to the problem. Although it
is not a simple one, it can be done. For every stress there is a
source. The first step is to isolate the source of the stress
and remove it, and the sooner the better.

Make every effort to de-stress regularly. Exercise can help you
to remove or reduce stress. During exercise, the body burns up
physical energy and hormones (adrenaline) that cause stress
thereby restoring balance and ease to the body. Another
important step is to make taking-a-break a habit. You can't
afford to leave your engine running 24/7 without lots and lots
of maintenance. Eating balanced diets can reduce stress. A
balanced diet provides the body with the essential nutrients
that are needed to nip stress in the bud or eliminate a
long-standing stress, over a period of time. Using vitamins and
minerals to supplement diet may be helpful to reduce stress,
especially as most meals today lack the necessary nutrients for
good health.

Always seek permanent solutions, not temporary ones. Temporary
fixing of the problem means that you intend to come back to it
at a later time, by which time it would have become
substantially worse. You should also avoid the practice of
reaching out to the so called "energy drink" as a stimulant to
keep you going and pharmaceutical drugs to mask symptoms. The
best advice is that you should give immediate attention to
whatever goes wrong in your body--start fixing it " Now" and
your body will thank you by running smoother and better for
longer time and with smaller bills and greater enjoyment.
Without doubt this is the sensible thing to do.

Space will not permit me here to dig deeper into this subject
but if you find the information above helpful, I suggest that
you proceed to the link indicated here for further information
and recommendations on stress relief and even relief from
depression and anxiety.

About the author:
Dr. Olu Abiodun is a specialist in alternative solutions to
health problems. He has acquired a lot of experience and
information through years of research and communication with
many individuals on variety of health topics including stress
relief and management. His recommended site could provide you
with further information if you find the above useful.

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Mental Health


Roop said...

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Ramesh said...

I'm using ativan for stress management.