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sinus headache

Author: Michael Malega

Time to get started on this topic. Take a few moments to read every aspect of this paper hopefully it will be of great help.Whenever we have a stuffy nose we feel that we are coming in for a cold. At these moments we will begin treatment for what we consider is a cold. Many times these medications can temporarily provide alleviation from the symptoms of the "cold" but they push aside the underlying cause. That is the stuffed up nose isthe cause of a sinus headache.

A sinus headache occurs only when the sinus passage becomes congested with too much mucus. As the sinus transitionis hollow they provide your nose with another way of breathing.Also the passage way is lined with membranes that make mucus.The nasal openings at the ends of your nose allows the mucouss ecretion to drain out without causing you any problems.

In general a sinus headache is due to the fact thatthere is some swelling in the sinus cavity. This swelling can befound close to the nose and the eyes. Other causes of sinus headaches are various allergies or infections. For anysinus headache that is caused by an allergic reactionor an infection there is a strong chance that you may get afever, stuffy nose or even toothaches.

Sinus headache hurt is described as being a dull, deep or even severe hurting that is placed in the front of the face and thehead. The inflammation in the sinus passage causes pain around the cheeks, eyes and the nose areas. Bending down or leaningover generally is found to gain the hardness of the pain.

Sometimes sinus headache pain is found to become worse in cold weather conditions. Damp is also a contributing factor for sinus headaches. By and large the sinus headache is very painful in the morning hours and itbecomes better towards the afternoon. Two other types ofheadaches are sometimes mistaken for sinus headaches.

These are vascular headaches and migraine headaches. Many sufferers of migraine headaches have found that their migraine headaches can cause similar types of head pain and sometimes nasal congestion. These people also state that changes in the weather condition or season can contribute towards their migraine headaches.

In order to treat sinus headaches it is best to find the underlying cause first. Once this problem has been identified itis possible to provide treatment for that condition first. This problem may be an allergy or an infection. The use off nasal vasoconstrictors and pain pill medicine can be used. When the condition has been cleared then the treatment for sinus headache pain can begun.

While a sinus headache can be problematic the condition is wholly treatable. Also they are simply annoying headaches rather than debilitating. With reason our bodies and the various responses that can be found to sinus headaches we can find n-ways to prevent any future episodes of sinusheadache pain. With this knowledge at our disposal we can plan a sinus headache free life.
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